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Version 1.0 (22.11.2000)

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LaTeX is a document preparation system implemented as a macro package for TeX typesetting program.

Latex Help e-Book  ships with an online help system called HTML Help (HTML-based help for Windows 98, 95, NT 4, and 5). HTML Help uses the underlying components of Microsoft Internet Explorer to display help content.

This help document shows how to work with LaTex program to find the information in Internet.

Main component of this document

I used many documents in various formats (html is main). Them it is possible to find on CTAN tex-archive.

bulletLatex: This is edition 1.6 of the LaTeX2e documentation.
bulletLaTeX2e for authors: Copyright 1995-1997, LaTeX3 Project Team.
bulletAdvanced LATEX: Copyright 1999 by T.P.Love.
bulletLATEX maths and graphics: Copyright 1999 by T.P.Love.
bulletLatex: Copyright Yuri Vladimirovich Lubenets.
bulletAMS-Latex: Copyright Yuri Vladimirovich Lubenets.
bulletLaTeX2e for class and package writers: Copyright 1995-1997 The LaTeX3 Project Team.
bulletLaTeX2e font selection: Copyright 1995-1997 The LaTeX3 Project Team.
bulletConfiguration options for LaTeX2e: Copyright 1995 The LaTeX3 Project Team.
bulletModifying LaTeX: Copyright 1995 The LaTeX3 Project Team.
bulletTeX Frequently Asked Questions: WWW version of the UK TeX Users Group TeX Frequently Asked Questions list.
bulletBibtex: Adapted from Oren Patashnik's sources by Eyal Doron.
bulletMakeindex: The text of this document is derived from a help file provided by George Greenwade.
bulletThe TeX Catalogue: This compilation Copyright Graham J. Williams.

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